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    Welcome to Andy Armstrong's Official Website!

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    Action Director, Stunt Coordinator, Keynote Speaker...


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    Get my Online Program now and learn things you'll never learn in Film School - Period!

Why You Should Use Andy's Curriculum?

Andy's Action Film Making Curriculum will teach you more than almost any film school in the World.

Andy Armstrong's Curriculum is the most comprehensive, legit, Action Learning Opportunity you will find on the Web.  Click below to learn more!

Action is more than just an explosion...


Andy armstrong has filmed movies all over the world and his global insights to film making within multiple cultures, is why he's been so successful.  Click below to learn more.

Action Design

We can help you disign the proper action, that relates to the script and not the stunt itself.   To many consultants make it about the stunt, not the script.

Pre-Viz Action Matics

We can create a LIVE ACTION, Pre Visual... something we call an 'Action Matic', instead of an Animatic of which does not implement proper physics into action.

Reels and Media

Take a look at our reels and digital videos to see the before and after of our work.  Click the above icon for a few of our high impact reels.

Action Casting

We can refer you to the best talent around the world.  With our extenisve reach and usage of a Global Stunt Directory, we can help in this regard as well.

Global Research

With our team having filmed in over 50 countries, we have many insights into the do's and taboo's of the regions you may be condiserting.

Blog Articles

Don't forget to follow our blogs and recommened blogs to learn more about the ever evolving Film, TV, Video Game & Web Action Industries.

Schedule a keynote or consultation, click below. 

Hear from Successful Film & TV Action Designers

With over 1000 credits within our team, we know what it takes to succeed and we're here to help.

Andy Armstrong

Director, Second Unt Director, Stunt Coordinator

Andy Armstrong is one of the Most sought after Action Coordinators in the World and with credits in 44 countries, the vast amount of knowlege is unsurpassed.

Jennifer Caputo

Stunt Woman, Stunt Motorcyclist

Jennifer Caputo is one of Television & Film's top Female Action / Stunt Performers.  Some of the most awesome stunts you might have seen was not a stuntman, but this stuntwoman!

Vic Armstrong

Director, 2nd Unit Director

From Harrison Ford's double on Indiana Jones, to Action Directing with Spielberg, Vic has amazing things to tell & teach.



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It's amazing how many people do not contiue learning throughout their life, then, they blame everything & everyone but themselves when they do not advance in their career...